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God loves community!  He himself lives in an eternal perfect relationship as Father, Son and HG.  The first pages of the Bible reveal that his intention for humanity is not that we live alone, but in relationship.  When Jesus sent out his disciples, he sent them out in teams.  We, too, have experienced how God has called us together- as a church, to be a people of faith.

The church of Dreiraum Karlsruhe exists to be a spiritual home where together we create space to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves.  Or to put it simply: God, you, and me.



We know that there’s lots of people who would never feel comfortable setting foot inside a church.  We’ve been there, too!  But we believe that God eagerly desires for you to come and meet with him just as you are- no show, no masks, no fancy clothes.  Because God welcomes us unconditionally, we value that kind of authenticity as we come together as well. 



Our times of community worship are intentionally made to feel less like a performance and more like a living room.  Maybe someone plays the wrong chord in a worship song.  Maybe a baby cries.  In a performance, that’s not okay, but in a family, that’s the norm.  We are all imperfect people, so we don’t try to cover that up.  Yet there is hope for us because through Jesus we have experienced the love of God over and over in undeserved acts of kindness. When you see your life from this perspective you begin to realize that God’s always been calling to you, caring for you, loving you.It’s his healing presence that takes the broken pieces of our lives and makes us whole, not just as individuals, but in loving relationships with God and each other.

Maybe you could call us a church for people who usually don’t fit into church.  A place where everyone can experience that they’re not alone, but part of the family of God.  Why not stop by and get connected?

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Dreiraum Karlsruhe ist Teil von Dreiraum Deutschland. Auf dieser Seite findet ihr noch mehr Infos über unseren Verein und dem dahinterstehenden Werk. Außerdem sind wir Mitglied in der deutschen Evangelischen Allianz und dem Netzwerk M. Wie das Zuhause+ konkret aussehen kann, kannst du auf den folgenden Seiten unserer Webseite erfahren.