monthly church service schedule

Here is a small overview of what our monthly church service schedule looks like:

1st Sunday of the month: “normal” church service with musical worship, sermon, time for sharing and children’s service

2nd Sunday of the month: Community Brunch with the opportunity to talk and share with others (Children are welcome, but there is no special children’s service)

3rd Sunday of the month: “Wortforum” (Wordforum) (Interactive teaching time-see below) with children’s service

4th Sunday of the month: Musical worship service, sharing time and prayer with children’s service

When there are 5 Sundays in a month we do something relaxed together like a cake and coffee time or a picnic in the park.

More information about the individual church services is available through our informational emails. Let us know if you would like be on our “no-strings-attached” mailing list.

Current information can be found on the church calendar.



Wordforum is a time of teaching that offers the opportunity to engage a topic openly by asking questions and discussing thoughts. We believe everyone has something to contribute and the more people are involved in our service the more diverse and holistic it will be. Our goal for this time is to look at questions and make discoveries as we discuss them together. The Wortforum is a platform where questions are welcome and everyone contributes their part in helping to helping find the answer.