Die Schleuse

THE SCHLEUSE (Watergate or Lock)


“A watergate or lock is a structure that helps ships to adjust to different water levels so that they can continue to travel”.

In this same vein our house, the Schleuse, should help young people through living together with others to be lifted up by God’s help and love.

A lot of different things come together under the roof of the Schleuse. It’s a living community, but also a central place for meeting others, for church life and for various other Dreiraum projects like the office and the Guideline record label.



The Schleuse living community is made up of a broad range of people that can be loosely put into three categories:

  • volunteer staff and those who are living here for several years
  • LIFT Students that share their lives with us for about five months
  • Guests that are going through a difficult period in their lives and can be “lifted up” by living with us for a while. We also have guests here who are on holiday or visiting friends.
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Our primary goal for the Schleuse is to “love people healthy” in a safe, familiar environment. Those who live here have set the goal to live together in such a way that Jesus would be pleased.