In a time of increasing flexibility and mobility relationships are often left behind. Especially in cities we are experiencing a “relational poverty”, where the sheer mass of people causes individuals to fade to the background. Yet each person longs for relationships! It’s all too easy today to have 500 friends on Facebook but not have a single person to really talk to.

God is infinitely interested in having a relationship with us. He loves us unconditionally. And this love frees us to be able to appreciate one another, be there for each another, and share in each other’s lives. Our uncomplicated structure and familial atmosphere help us in achieving this goal.



Dreiraum Karlsruhe hopes that Zuhause+ helps to create a place where people feel loved and wanted apart from their strengths and weaknesses; a place where you can just be. At the same time we want to be a place where God has the freedom to work on us.

Even though we ourselves are far from perfect we believe that God has put this desire and vision in our hearts and is teaching us to live it out. After all, isn’t that secret of His grace and the strength of His Message; that God comes to us and changes history through broken and messed up people? (Take a look at His disciples!)



We have a hunger and desire for more- especially for more of God. He has more in store for us than we can ever imagine! We are convinced that the more we are filled with God’s presence, his power, his love and acceptance, the more this power will overflow to those around us.

That’s why it’s our wish to also be a home (Zuhause) for God. We see Dreiraum Karlsruhe as a place where we can get to know God better together and where we can help one another as a community to authentically grow in our faith. A place where our gifts and abilities can flourish and where can experience God’s presence in us and His power to change the world. The realization of this vision doesn’t have to be anything forced. It takes place in normal relationships where we meet one another with acceptance and respect, where we have fun and laugh together. It takes place wherever life is shared together, where home (Zuhause) comes alive.

Dreiraum Karlsruhe is part of Dreiraum Germany. On this page you can find out more about our organization and the project behind it. We’re also members of the German Evangelical Alliance and Netzwerk M. If you wonder why we are called “Dreiraum” look here

You can find out what Zuhause+ looks like in real life on the following pages of our website.