Why the name Dreiraum

Why the name “Dreiraum” [God. You. Me.] ?

Jesus was once asked to name the most important aspect of our faith (Mt. 22:34-40). In response he said that we should love our heavenly Father with all our heart, soul and mind [God]. And our neighbors [You.] as ourselves [Me.] This command summarizes all the other laws that we find in the Bible. (Mk. 12:28-34, Gal 5:14). This threefold commandment of love is therefore the central mandate and basic calling of all those who want to live with God- and the inspiration for our name. At Dreiraum these three points are central to who we are: God. You. Me. All three should feel at home here. And we want to create encounters between the three. A place for God, our neighbors and ourselves-a space for three.


this is the self-concept of Dreiraum Germany

Dreiraum [God. You. Me.]

Dreiraum creates space for meeting with God, with the people around you and with yourself. At Dreiraum we want God to be central and we want to love others as we love ourselves. To put it briefly: [God. You. Me.]

To this end Dreiraum offers several possibilities to live out our enthusiasm for God and pass it on. Next to our current projects we also want to support new ideas and integrate them into our community.

Dreiraum lives culture. Dreiraum grew out of a musical, missional project. For us, art is an expression of godly creativity that we want to encourage.

Dreiraum is socially involved. It should be natural for Christians to face the problems of our culture head on, to stand up for the disadvantaged and work towards a better life together in our society.

Dreiraum strengthens Christians in their faith, promotes community and offers accompaniment/direction as well as guidance. Prayer and contemplation are as important to us as teaching and discussion of theological and social topics.

We want to live diversity and see ourselves as a part of the whole picture of humanity and the fellowship of Christian faith. We enjoy working together with other churches. Within Dreiraum the local projects have considerable autonomy. The common foundation is our vision and the Statement of Faith of the German Evangelical Alliance.

In short: Dreiraum offers space for people who are excited about God and want to pass on the love they themselves have experienced from God. [God. You. Me].